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Why are we a B Corporation?

Vastuullisuudesta pohjoismaisen finanssialan kilpailuetu? 
Helsinki Capital Partners Honored as Best for Workers

Helsinki Capital Partners (HCP) achieved a B Corp Certification in May last year. B Corporations meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and expand their corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests.

During the international #BCorpMonth of February it’s time to look back at why we decided to apply for the certification and what have we learned as a member of the global movement of 2200+ B Corps.

Why B ?

Why B ?

”The B Corp Certification offers us concrete tools to systematically assess our sustainability performance and make our performance public. The certification separates the authentic mission-based companies from the green and whitewashing masses”, summarizes Tommi Kemppainen, the CEO of Helsinki Capital Partners.

Tommi Kemppainen at the B Corp Summer Summit in Cascais in May 2017.

HCP was found ten years ago based on the value proposition Asset management to be proud of.™. Our mission for the next ten years is not only to make profitable, honest and transparent asset management but also to be best for the world.

Why B?

Photo: Aleksi Poutanan | Forbes Suomi

“As a B Corp, we have more resources than before to continue redefining the financial sector and the business world”

B Corporation network has provided us plenty of chances to get to know like-minded companies and individuals. Inspired by the B Corp Summit in Cascais, HCP organized Best for the World Summit in Finland to bring together people and companies, who want to use business as a force for good.

The warm reception of the summit proved that there’s a need for a low-threshold forum. Since last October HCP has hosted #HCPSPIRIT x #BCorp Workshops, where mission-based businesses such as Tarvas Footwear, Samuji, Kolme Kaverin Jäätelö, and Pave Arkkitehdit have exchanged ideas on corporate responsibility.

HCP will attend to the next B Corp community meeting in Copenhagen and the Summer Summit in Amsterdam. The next #HCPSPIRIT x #BCorp Workshop is scheduled for April and the next Best for the World Summit for later in Autumn.


Vastuullisuudesta pohjoismaisen finanssialan kilpailuetu? 
Helsinki Capital Partners Honored as Best for Workers
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