24.2.2020 Tommi Kemppainen

By recruiting stars your team can be the whole universe

The Nordic KPI – How much does your company contribute to society in euros?
Put on those dancing shoes

Say hello to HCP’s Analyst/Institutional Sales Anthony Simola

Quite exactly a year ago, I met Anthony Simola, who was looking for his first job in finance. He had seen me speak at Sijoitus Summit in 2016 and some three years later he announced that he wishes to work with us in analyzing stocks. He had been investing money for some years and his strategy was well-documented since day one. What was there not to like.

I soon learned that this confident young man is not lacking in identity nor maturity. He also had the most critical characteristic that we treasure. That being integrity. My own findings got backed up by a letter of recommendation from Columbia University.

As with any profession, the practitioner becomes very fast in evaluating a talent. I had a feeling that with Anthony there was plenty. He has gone through education with the best possible track record: IB high school in Finland, then Vanderbilt and Columbia University in New York right after.

There was more, however. Soon I learned that he had written and published a book in 2015 at the age of 22.

Anthony had first studied in depth what thinking actually is and what one can do to enhance it before even considering a specific topic in which to apply it. I had to like his approach!

So, now I knew that I was dealing with a real talent. Anthony demonstrated an understanding of topics and constructs that – even if not being rocket science– was something that could not be explained only by his academic studies.

I asked him to name the very core literature that he builds his understanding on. He replied with a list of 50+ names of authors that he has read in the last few years – all of them classics in mostly Western philosophy, psychology, history, economics, politics, and fiction.

Now my formal reasoning could easily catch up with what my gut feeling had told me. Anthony is remarkably knowledgeable and also dead set on acquiring exceptional skills in investing money. Hiring him was not only an easy decision – it was a no-brainer.

The dream team

”At HCP we get joy from the wide diversity of our team. As the dream team in Star Wars, it is totally impossible to get us marching synchronic, but when the golden robot, young man, and a computer on wheels meet at the same point looking at the same challenge with the same powerful mission to solve it, things do happen as in a pre-choreographed state of trance.”

This is how I described the dream team in a foreword to dear then HCP crewmate Pekka Puustinen’s book Financial Service Logic: In the Revolution of Exchange in Banking and Insurance (2015).

The idea is to have a maximally diversified team so that each and everyone can use their specific skill as a superpower for common good. In this group, the normative definition of normal becomes very lax as the standard deviation in different features in our team is big. No one really is the odd one out.

Why should you be only one star if you can be the whole universe

We live by this phrase that a famous conductor once told me. What he meant is that even if you have a special talent you still don’t want to be defined only by this single feature. We want to have a rich life and be so much more!

I’ve had Anthony Simola in our team now for a year. He has worked for institutional sales while further developing his skills in stock analysis. I will make sure Anthony has the best possible mother’s milk to further grow in this business and I look forward to him taking more responsibility at HCP. We will also make sure he will have such a blast working together and alongside with the dream team and the whole #HCPSPIRIT community.

For me, once again as with all of my dear crewmates it is my privilege and pleasure to get to be Anthony’s jungle guide.

The Nordic KPI – How much does your company contribute to society in euros?
Put on those dancing shoes


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