Best for the World Summit

Photo: European B Corp Summer Summit 2017, Cascais, Portugal

The year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Helsinki Capital Partners. The very same year we are welcomed to join the global movement of 2000+ B Corps as the first company in Finland. This is a year for celebration for HCP. Becoming a B Corp confirms that we’re heading to the right direction and that we are able to find new ambitious goals on our path. We’re not being stuck with the original goal of transparency, but as a community we’re growing from there on forward.

We welcome you to our Best for the World Summit on September 23, 2017!

Photo from Esterházy Winery 

23/09/2017 Summit Program


Why are we here? Setting objectives for the summit. Tommi Kemppainen, HCP
Aiming to be the best for the world and a force for good can’t be a complicated task only possible to those who are accustomed to all the new terminology and concepts in the field of sustainability. This is for all of us.


Interdependence as a force for good – greetings from the Cascais B Corp Summit 2017
B Lab Europe


20 Years of Sustainability – How to Continue? Sari Kuvaja has worked as a sustainability and communication consultant since the mid-1990s. For the passionate advocate of responsible business conduct, the pace of change has sometimes felt too slow. But what does it take to make a change? Sari will share her experiences, and envisions the future steps in the spirit of her new book Yritysvastuu – Johtamisen uusi normaali which she’s written with Terhi Koipijärvi.


Helsinki Capital Partners – the first B Corp in Finland
Tommi Kemppainen – We are Asset management to be proud of.™ We strive to be not only transparent and honest but also best for the world.

Concrete examples from the HCP team:
Juhani Halminen HCP – salary, working hours, ownership, responsibility and power, meaning of work

Timo Vertala, HCP Sports – the Professional Athlete Foundation

Elias Koski, HCP Artists – music and art events

Heini Kangas-Heiska – my first 9 months at HCP

Ernst Grönblom HCP – how I work with the third sector

Pasi Havia – my way of working and how it works in HCP


Lunch and coffee break – free discussion


General Manager Stefan Tscheppe from Esterházy Winery, a fellow B Corp
Wine – a product that naturally demands long-term and sustainable work and thinking. On the value of quality wine as ethical luxury and on keeping alive cultural heritage.


Nille Skalts, Head of B Corp Denmark – The Nordics
The Nordics as a great opportunity to cross-promote Nordic business that is Best for the world, and how to grow awareness of the B Corp certification in the Nordics.


Stories from B Corp prospects – that is, you who are attending!
This part of the program is built by people attending: what you want to bring forward on the themes of 1) Interdependence and 2) Being best for the world. Short 15 minutes greetings.


Christopher Evatt on purpose-Driven Business. From sustainability to people, planet and businesses co-flourishing. It is essential for humankind and the planet that business make the flourishing of people and planet their prime purpose. This can only be achieved by businesses, all their employees and stakeholders committed to this aim.


Tilitalo Aaltonen and SEB Helsinki branch office were the first to answer the supply chain questionnaire that summer intern Min Na Wang did on behalf of HCP. What did we learn from the questionnaire? Thoughts from Tilitalo Aaltonen on looking after the well-being of employees and building bookkeeping to include more stakeholders. SEB Helsinki branch office explains what all was considered when building the new office that had its opening in September.


Frank Svenfelt of fashion and homeware brand Samuji on kindness and transparency as core values: ”Brands, and the companies that make them, need to provide value beyond just a product; to differentiate and win consumers we need to be transparent in our mission and values on what we stand for. And, consistently act in alignment with those values, always”


Wine from fellow B Corp Esterházy Winery (General Manger Stefan Tscheppe)


20th anniversary of Doomwatch art by HCP resident artist Kim-Peter Waltzer at Atlantis, Lönnrotinkatu 22


”To me, this place (Grannfrid Svartholmatie 7 house & cottage) represents sustainability already from a time when I didn’t even know the word let alone its meaning. I have childhood memories from this place, which is also the place of my grandparents’ summers and now my children’s home.

It’s important that aiming to be the best for the world and a force for good can’t be a complicated task only possible to those who are accustomed to all the new terminology and concepts in the field of sustainability. This is for all of us. We especially want to hear stories from you on a personal level, and we aim to start collaboration with others who are likeminded. This is all we need to know. The will to do good things is what counts. This is also why we are at this specific place today.”

”We are unconditionally committed to our heritage, which we seek to articulate in a fresh and perceptibly contemporary style. In doing this we place our trust in the manifold variety that is fundamental to Burgenland. We place our trust as well in the human factor, a diverse team with extensive international experience complemented by great passion for wine. Following this path, we aim to establish the Leithaberg as one of the most distinctive and finest wine producing regions of the world.

We work in a gentle, methodical, and precise fashion to shape the character of our wines as they evolve. The high quality of our wines is commented of numerous renowned professionals in the world of fine wine.”


Esterházy Winery:


Contact Information

Main coordinator at HCP: Heini Kangas-Heiska, tel. +358 9 6898 8481, email

Co-organiser: Tommi Kemppainen, tel. +358 9 6898 8470, email