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BarclayHedge: HCP Focus ranked best equity hedge fund in the world

We analysed Facebook’s sustainability shortcomings and decided to keep investing

The Finnish investment fund HCP Focus has been ranked the best long-only equity hedge fund in the world by BarclayHedge

See: Barclay managed funds report 1Q 19, page 6.

The Report

The Barclay Managed Funds Report (below: the “Report”) is published quarterly by BarclayHedge, a US-based provider of data on hedge funds and CTAs. (Please note: BarclayHedge is not affiliated with Barclays Bank.)

The Report contains rankings of the 10 best funds across 21 different categories, ranked by their latest 3-year returns.

Eligible for inclusion in the Report are hedge funds meeting the minimum criteria for track-record (at least 3 years) and size (AUM at least 10 $M).

A total of 4,634 funds were eligible for inclusion in the most recently published Report (the 1Q 2019 report, published 29.5.2019), which means that the bulk of all the hedge funds of the world are represented.

The HCP Focus fund (below: the “Fund”) is a global, long-only equity hedge fund managed by the Finnish fund management company Helsinki Capital Partners (below: “HCP”).

In the Report, the HCP Focus fund is listed in the category “Equity Long Only.” In the latest published Report (1Q 2019), this category consisted of a total of 338 funds.

A consistent top performer

The HCP Focus fund was launched 30.11.2012. Consequently, the Fund has been eligible for listing since 1Q 2016. The latest published Report to date is the 1Q 2019 Report. Consequently, the Fund has so far been eligible for listing a total of 13 times.

During the period 1.1.2016 – 31.3.2019, the HCP Focus fund made it to the “Equity Long Only” Top-10 list as follows:

  • 1Q 2016 – rank: 8
  • 2Q 2016 – rank: 4
  • 3Q 2016 – rank: 5
  • 4Q 2016 – (not in Top-10)
  • 1Q 2017 – rank: 7
  • 2Q 2017 – rank: 5
  • 3Q 2017 – rank: 7
  • 4Q 2017 – rank: 8
  • 1Q 2018 – (not in Top-10)
  • 2Q 2018 – rank: 5
  • 3Q 2018 – rank: 3
  • 4Q 2018 – (not in Top-10)
  • 1Q 2019 – rank: 1

During this 13 quarter period, the HCP Focus fund made it to the Top-10 -list a total of 10 times. No other fund managed to make it to the Top-10 -list this many times!

HCP Focus vs. competitors

Other interesting statistics about the BarclayHedge “Equity Long Only” Top-10 -list. During the 13 quarter period 1.1.2016 – 31.3.2019:

  • a total of 55 funds made it to the Top-10 –list at least once.
  • less than half (26/55 funds, or 47 % of the total) of these funds managed to do it more than once.
  • approximately one out of four (14/55 funds, or 25.5 % of the total) managed to do it more than twice.
  • approximately one out of ten (6/55 funds, or 10.9 % of the total) managed to do it more than 6 times.
  • only one single fund – HCP Focus – managed to make the Top-10 -list more than 7 times!

(These statistics are visualized in the attached document: “HCP Focus rankings Barclay managed funds report 1Q 19.”)

All Reports can be downloaded here: https://www.barclayhedge.com/rankings-awards/barclay-managed-funds-report/

(Downloading is free but requires registration.)

Fund pages: https://www.hcp.fi/en/hcp-focus/

The fund accepts subscriptions four times per year. Next subscription day is 28.6.19. Subscriptions: https://www.hcp.fi/en/fund-subscription/

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We analysed Facebook’s sustainability shortcomings and decided to keep investing

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