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Responsibility highlights of 2019

#HCPSPIRIT - Cultural work as part of existence
HCP honored with B Corp Certification for the second time

“2019 was a year of strength and purpose for us. It showed us that we can succeed as a company even better while similarly walking a more responsible path” stated Tommi Kemppainen, our CEO, while writing his opening words for the Sustainability Report of 2019. Our mission has been to become Asset management to be proud of.™ For us, this means to be a trustworthy and altruistic financial actor in a world that needs more transparency, honesty, communality and sustainable actions.

Our Sustainability Report of 2019 is published now. In the video below, Jo Iwasaki talks about our sustainability journey. She found HCP through our B Corporation certification and worked on the implementation of corporate social responsibility at HCP and assembling the report.

We gathered some highlights of our year in terms of sustainability.

Responsibility highlights of 2019

HCP Focus was acknowledged as the best performing long-only equity hedge fund globally in the first quarter of 2019.

The core value we create for our clients is through excellent fund performance. HCP Focus hit records with cumulative 27.95% return 2019. In the beginning of 2020 we calculated that HCP Focus was probably the most consistently top-performing Equity Hedge Fund in the World. The fund’s performance has just continued to improve in the spring of 2020. HCP Focus was ranked the best performing hedge fund in the Nordics in 2020.

We reached our record profit of €447,510.

This states for 22% revenue growth from the previous year. We attained all time high of €94.6 million in assets under management. While emphasising responsibility in our actions more and more we still managed to result in more profitable business, showing that these two can co-exist.

76% of our assets under management were invested in accordance with responsible investment strategies.

We have increased the amount of responsible investments throughout years after we started to measure our impact. We use both negative and positive screening for our funds HCP Focus and HCP Black.

First ever company community meeting.

We brought together all HCP’s stakeholders that don’t necessarily meet in usual conditions – from investors to former employees and trainees, artists we collaborate with, academics and writers, as well as friends and families. The warm gathering in June 2019 was a success and reminded us of the importance of community.

We experienced great #HCPSPIRIT -projects.

10% of our costs were used towards cultural collaborations. With €60.000 as well as multiple working hours we managed to support emerging talents and engage people to meet though common interests. We supported total of 15 #HCPSPIRIT projects.

Best for Workers by B Lab – recognition.

HCP was titled as a flexible workplace with great organisational environment and culture.

HCP Sustainability Report 2019 (PDF)

In the report, you can find more about these themes and how we drive to be more sustainable. You can also find all of our previous sustainability reports here.

Below are our previous publications about being a B Corporation, supporting cultural actors and advocating for transparency.

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#HCPSPIRIT – Cultural work as part of existence

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The world changes fast and people expect more from businesses. We should see it as a wind at our back. It is an opportunity for us to improve what we do and how.
– Jo Iwasaki

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About the Author

Anette Tuomainen works as a Junior Communications Specialist at Helsinki Capital Partners as Miika Koskinen, who is responsible for marketing communications and customer experience, is finishing his journalism studies. Anette became excited about HCP for its visionary investing, responsible values and identity attached to cultural actors. From her opinion, these make HCP stand out positively in the investment services industry.

#HCPSPIRIT - Cultural work as part of existence
HCP honored with B Corp Certification for the second time

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