Invest in a good night’s sleep with HCP Black.

What is HCP Black?

HCP Black offers a smart investment solution with active diversification which minimises risks. This means that your investments are spread over different assets, giving stability even in times of an unruly stock market.

How does it work?

By investing in HCP Black you diversify risk, so that not all your eggs are in the same basket. And you do it by letting a professional take care of it for you.

Low risk might mean lower profit when most of the stock market goes up, but in a recession it tends to mean fewer losses. Additionally, due to special strategies that this fund has – such as trend-following and tail-hedging – you can even make profit when the market goes down and the majority of investment funds make losses.

This means that you can sleep well at night, even in recession.

Investing is easy and can be done by filling out the subscription form. If you’d like to know more, you can visit the fund’s homepage and request an online meeting with the Portfolio Manager.