Most asset managers claim to put their clients first, but the reality is often different. One critical measure of commitment is the treatment of kickbacks.

In our opinion, kickbacks should be returned to the client. Otherwise, there is a conflict of interest that harms the client portfolio in the form of invisible commissions. An even greater threat is that the investment strategy can be designed to bring in fat kickbacks instead of bringing the client a safe and good return.

We think the time is ripe for a revolution! We urge everybody to ask their asset managers the question:

Exactly how much did your company charge me – both directly and indirectly – for your services last year?

It’s not impolite to ask the question; it’s rude not to answer! After all, it’s your money. Join our initiative to make a difference! Fee only – no commissions.

In Helsinki, November 9, 2007


Tommi Kemppainen, CEO