Responsible asset management over generations

Efficient institutions, such as foundations, associations, and large financial institutions, are a key requirement for a prosperous society. Foundations fulfil an important role as financiers and co-ordinators of long-term cultural, social, and humanitarian projects. We also need large financial institutions, such as insurance companies, for the optimal redistribution of risk and financing of entrepreneurial activity.

Practically, all such projects require three inputs: people, ideas, and capital. The best people and the best ideas are usually found in-house, but many foundations and associations lack the necessary experience and resources for efficient management of the capital of the organisation. If the organisation is public or semi-public, its assets must be managed according to professional standards. Only the very largest institutions have the resources to cost-effectively build and maintain an in-house professional investment organisation, and even they may find it convenient to outsource at least part of their portfolio management.

We are a reliable partner, and we provide responsible, first-class financial management over generations. We can help your organisation to preserve and grow its capital, thus freeing up your scarce resources to focus on your core purpose.

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Domicile Finland

We think that Finland has a lot to offer to those looking for partners for long-term business relationships based on mutual trust. We have a stable environment enhanced by cutting-edge technology.

An overview of Finland as a business and investment environment

Social Responsibility in the Light of Finnish Business Law

According to the “triple bottom line” concept, a firm should attempt to strike a harmonious balance between three goals:

(1) “people” (i.e. the social aspect);
(2) “planet” (i.e. the environmental aspect); and
(3) “profit” (i.e. the economic aspect)

Pursuing a triple bottom line strategy should be possible without any amendments to the (default/regular) articles of association of the company. Infact, such amendments could possibly be an impediment to a triple bottom line strategy.

Q&A of pursuing a triple bottom line strategy in Finland