Trustworthy and quality asset management over generations.

Efficient institutions, such as foundations, associations, and large financial institutions, are a key requirement for a prosperous society. Foundations fulfil an important role as financiers and co-ordinators of long-term cultural, social, and humanitarian projects. We also need large financial institutions, such as insurance companies, for the optimal redistribution of risk and financing of entrepreneurial activity.

Practically, all such projects require three inputs: people, ideas, and capital. The best people and the best ideas are usually found in-house, but many foundations and associations lack the necessary experience and resources for efficient management of the capital of the organisation. If the organisation is public or semi-public, its assets must be managed according to professional standards. Only the very largest institutions have the resources to cost-effectively build and maintain an in-house professional investment organisation, and even they may find it convenient to outsource at least part of their portfolio management.

Asset management frees up your scarce resources to focus on your core purpose.



Unique and concentrated equity fund that invest in companies of high growth rate and lasting competitive advantage.

World’s most consistently top-performing equity fund.


Protection against risks without lowering the expected return level, with the help of authentic and active decentralisation to alternative and trend independent investments.

A good night’s sleeps even in uncertain economy.


Quantitative value investing fund where investments are being sieved from tens of thousands of companies with an unique algorithm.

Aboard with small-cap value stock rise with quantitative stock picking.

We are familiar with different institutions’ needs. We are focused on creating tailored solutions and building long lasting partnerships. With our strong international network and expertise on geographical areas and asset classes we are able to decentralise risk efficiently.

As a reliable partner we provide responsible, first-class financial management over generations. We can help your organisation to preserve and grow its capital, thus freeing up your scarce resources to focus on your core purpose.

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Anthony Simola

Your partner Anthony Simola

I got interested in investing already in junior high school and that’s also when I made my first direct stock investment. When I got involved more seriously in writing and investing, I put my electrical engineering and mathematics studies at Columbia University on hold.

I had seen our CEO Tommi Kemppainen give a presentation at the Sijoitus Invest conference in 2016. The name stuck, and I contacted HCP. Our values and ways of thinking matched, and I started working at the firm. Nowadays, I work on institutional investor relations and am also developing my own strategy.

Studying the financial world requires applying many scientific disciplines. Wide-ranging analytical information-processing interests me in this area: information now is so abundant that one’s competitive advantage arises entirely out of logically processing it.