Miika Koskela

Communications & Client Experience Manager

Miika Koskela

Miika Koskela M.A.

“I entered the financial sector by chance. I came across HCP while helping out with #HCPSPIRIT cultural productions. I learned that the organisation behind art events is an asset management company aspiring to be a force for change in the financial services industry and society.

I started as a trainee at HCP. Only a couple of years later I was given the opportunity to buy shares of the company. Now I can proudly say that I am one of the partners in Helsinki Capital Partners.

My task is to develop HCP’s communications and client experience. I have a background as a journalist and I observe the financial services industry as a layman. This is an advantage, not a handicap. I speak about business and investing without any corporate jargon using a language that anyone can understand. By demystifying the industry it becomes more welcoming to people previously excluded from it.”


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