Sometimes I go to my studio and, if I don’t have any ideas, I take a half an hour’s nap. I dream about colourful things and flying in imaginary cities. I get my ideas crystallised in my sleep.

My paintings and art look for something positive in this world. I love colourful works and soft, roundish shapes that can be easily moved on canvas.

In my opinion, there is not enough optimism and sense of comedy in the field of art. Often, when you go to museums or galleries, there are too many depressive works, but I like to show some positive aspects of life to people around the world. I don’t take art too seriously.

Nowadays, not too many people go to art galleries and, therefore, it is nice to create artistic influences in unconventional environments. I’ve been abroad a lot and it is always inspiring to see new stuff in surprising places. Also, my newest exhibition takes place in a club where people can get together, eat and drink and enjoy art at the same time.

The whole process of creating the Tallin Winter Olympik 2017 went really fast. I live a fast-paced life and it’s important to find my partners quickly when I have an idea for an exhibition. When everything was set for this exhibition, I was able to concentrate on painting and create many paintings in just about one month of time.

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