A video production from the art exhibition Temple 2013 at Helsinki Capital Partners’ office at Kaapelitehdas in Helsinki. Artists Alvar Gullichsen and Kim-Peter Waltzer curated the exhibition. Soundscape produced by James Spectrum.

Kim-Peter Waltzer and Alvar Gullichsen are unified by the fact that they both make the creative process holy and are interested in the esoteric side of art. They also share a common past researching the boundaries of art and business, sometimes through fiction and sometimes through art. Temple 2013 is the Waltzer and Gullichsen curator group’s first installation.

Kim-Peter Waltzer’s (born in 1971) sculptures made of bronze and glass are materialised through a sensitive process. They are formed by molding clay intuitively, utilising hands as channels, creating figures whose anatomy forms intuitively but at the same time are unfamiliar. The glassblowers from the Waltzer family, already in the 18th century, were alchemists with their awe-inspiring equipment and techniques. They were able to capture the form of glass items by controlling elements. When operating as a channel, an artist transmits images and messages whose roots can be traced to the different layers of our cultures and consciences. Kim-Peter Waltzer was the Valamo monastery’s artist between 2004 and 2012 and continues the alchemistic and mystical tradition directed by visionaries such as Hildegard von Bingen and William Blake.

Alvar Gullichsen (born in 1961) refers to his family’s modern cultural heritage in his new geometrical works. Pivotal concepts in his work are the integration of art, architecture, and design in everyday life, with clean lines and clear colours as building blocks. A scholarship period in Villa Karo in south-western Benin in West Africa in 2002 offered an opportunity to connect with the roots of modernism in the African soil. Alvar Gullichsen looks for his own roots by drawing from modernism, popular culture, and from the cultures of native people. The patterns Gullichsen uses for interior design stem from these factors. Alvar Gullichsen and Klaus Nyqvist’s architectural MDF sculptures are 3D continuations of the previously mentioned patterns in the form of skyscrapers and temples.

Klaus Nyqvist (born in 1976) is part of the globally well-known ROR (Revolutions on Request) artist group. His art production is broad: paintings, sculptures, installations, video art, and music projects. He is known as Klaustrofobia when he performs as VJ with groups and in performances, clubs, fashion shows, and theater productions. Klaus Nyqvist and Alvar Gullichsen, both members of the ROR, make modernistic MDF temples and deity pictures. The art pieces begin to form as CAD designs, and Nyqvist transforms Gullichen’s patterns into 3D objects. Klaus Nyqvist is responsible for the execution of the sculptures.

Jari Salo (born in 1971), also known as James Spectrum, leads the Pepe Deluxé orchestra, which has composed, lyricised, arranged, and produced songs for example for the French presidential elections and for the largest musical instrument known in the universe. He created the installation’s soundtrack/audiovisual world, which will lift the viewer to the Temple atmosphere. 19/9/2013 Ukko Sammalparta

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