Fund units may be redeemed in two ways:
1) If you have Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish online banking credentials, fill the form under the Redeem Funds button; or
2) fill and sign the below pdf form of your chosen fund and send it to
HCP Black redemption form (pdf)
HCP Focus redemption form (pdf)
HCP Quant redemption form (pdf)

The fund units will be credited to the client on one of four redemption dates, which are the last Finnish banking days of each quarter (in 2021: 31/3, 30/6, 30/9 and 31/12). In order to redeem fund units on the next redemption date, the redemption request must be received by HCP by 4 PM of the last Finnish banking day of the previous month. Payment for the redeemed units is made according to the value of the units confirmed for the redemption date. The redemption amount after fees will be paid to the bank account specified by the customer within the next fifteen (15) banking days following the redemption date.