At HCP, all activities are based on complete transparency. HCP operates under the supervision of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.  We are an asset management company that you dare to be proud of.

To put it simply, greed and the principal-agent problem have caused and continue to cause more than 90% of the problems within the financial sector. We have not and we will never be involved in any of the questionable activities that are ruining the reputation of entire industry. At HCP, Your asset manager is Your trustee, and You can be absolutely sure that we don’t have an agenda of our own that would conflict with Your best interests. Our revenue model is simply built with the customer’s interest in mind.

As the first asset manager in Finland, we have been committed to fee-only service and full transparency in all customer contracts ever since our foundation in 2007. We are also committed to returning all commissions that we receive to our clients. This enables us to focus on Your goals.