ArtKoti aims to create positive change in the art world, where local communities play a pivotal role and we provide the connectors between them.

Our bottom line is that if you love the world you live in and see that by helping each other we all win more than when doing so individually, then we are on the same page. This is where our values meet those of Helsinki Capital Partners.

Together, we came to the realization that we could make a difference! This led to the creation of a series of social happenings that incorporate visual art, music performance, innovative cocktails, and social connections. The first event has been successfully organized at the end of October 2021.

As part of its #HCPSpirit initiative, Helsinki Capital Partners provided the exhibition space at Kaapelitehdas for local visual artists, and invited talented musicians Bess and Tonde Masa to create music performances that complemented the art portfolio on display. Through ArtKoti, it was able to demonstrate the visual art rental model, which is very simple!

ArtKoti offers art that reflects the personality of your brand, property, and people. At HCP, we used the theme ”You, Me, We” along with the five sub-topics of Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Change, and Healing.

In our strategic partnership, we work with artists from ArtKoti’s community to create a portfolio of captivating artworks that are designed for each individual customer. The art on display at HCP’s premises is not to be missed!

Your time is valuable when you are running a business, and we know that! The entire art portfolio is delivered and installed in one day at the client’s location.

For a dynamic work atmosphere and to promote more artistic endeavors, we regularly rotate your art portfolio. This not only introduces new talent, but also supports local artists. For HCP, the art portfolio changes every two months.

As a result of the event hosted by HCP and ArtKoti, there was the opportunity to interact with artists, see their work, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and of course make new contacts.

We may be disrupting the conventional art ecosystem with our ”rent art sets to businesses” model, but our goal is to put the artist first and make a positive effect on the community.

Our community does not restrict access to artists – every artist has the ability to contribute! This is a talent-driven world. We do not need artists to invest their savings or pay commissions, but instead offer them a way to earn an additional income. Likewise, we believe art should be accessible and not intimidating, as well as meet the needs of modern lifestyles and work cultures. So renting, rotating, and enjoying art is the best way to do business in the modern era!

Let’s meet at the next #HCPSpirit x ArtKoti event at the end of November!

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