Elias Koski on what is #HCPSPIRIT

Production and direction: Lauri Helle and Eero Lämsä

HCP has not yet innovated an investment vehicle that invests into culture and music but HCP has been using about 10% of its revenue in Cultural Productions such as music events.

This way investors can benefit not only from the investments into HCP’s products but also make a positive impact by supporting cultural productions in Helsinki and abroad.

HCP opened its first office in Kaapelitehdas back in 2009 and this major cultural institution has integrated appreciation for arts and music into the DNA of HCP as well.

We manage three Funds: HCP Black, HCP Quant, and HCP Focus. HCP Focus will have its five-year track as a fund by the end November 2017 and its performance tops 95% of all the global long-only equity funds.

So, perhaps a finance company can benefit largely by being in a cultural center vs. Wall Street.

Elias Koski

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