During more than 20 years as a professional artist, Sini Kunnas has explored with different art forms from collages to portraits and from croquis to street art. She has reached a place where she can do whatever she wants as an artist. Now she publishes her first-ever video performance on YouTube.

In her latest artwork, Kunnas highlights how negativity and emotional limitations can be destructive for an artist both on a professional and personal level. StoRage (4m 22s) demonstrates an artist, who is stuck in her own expectations on the creative process.

“On the video, I play the role of an artist who has certain expectations on how the creative process should be. Not living up to the expectations causes her a strong feeling of lack. Her ego flips through the roof and she gets a lesson in the end.”

The video performance is the first artwork where Kunnas makes use of some self defence skills that she learned during her recent security training. The video is produced together with #HCPSPIRIT.

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