15.1.2018 Tommi Kemppainen

Responsibility as a Competitive Advantage of the Nordic Financial Sector?

Zidisha – Solution into Microfinance
Why are we a B Corporation?

If we think about the ideal environment for the asset management business, places like New York and Switzerland are among the first locations that come to our minds. What if in the future people would turn their eyes to the Nordic Countries as well?

The financial sector is all about trust. Today, when the trust in financial business has globally eroded, Finland and the other Nordic Countries are emerging in a new way from an investment point of view. The Nordic countries have a global advantage in their honest reputation. This view is supported, for example, by the recent Nordic Council publication Trust – The Nordic Gold, as well as the statistics of our own country.

Tommi Kemppainen

Tommi Kemppainen (Photo: Aleksi Poutanen | Forbes Suomi)

Instead of technological innovations, taking all the stakeholders into account, in all financial organization’s operations, can be the next financial innovation that provides us with a competitive advantage. For societies, such an approach has tremendous significance and it has the power to revolutionize the world. For HCP, this is done by holding on to the value proposition Asset Management to Be Proud of™.

We started ten years ago modestly, but with clear principles. We wanted to make profitable asset management openly and honestly. We have taken steps to be a constructive actor in society, not just a pioneer in transparency. Already now, we do our best to take all the stakeholders interests into account, and not just the interests of our shareholders and creditors.

In May, HCP was the first Finnish company to receive the international B Corp certificate. B Corp companies are not only driving to be the best businesses in the world, but they also want to be the best for the world. The next Best for the World Summit will be held in Finland later this year.

Zidisha – Solution into Microfinance
Why are we a B Corporation?

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