16.11.2018 Miika Koskela

An Asset Manager with a Mission to Redefine the Financial Sector

#HCPSPIRIT at Superwood Festival
Investor Return as a Numeric Indicator for Customers

What makes a good asset manager? Obviously, an asset manager has to generate added value to the customer. What if we said it’s not enough? A great asset manager generates added value to all its stakeholders.

At Helsinki Capital Partners (HCP), we combine top-notch investing skills, transparent pricing, and respect for clients with work on improving the well-being of society. Investing in our funds is impact investing.

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First Asset Manager with a B Corp Certificate in the Nordics

The idea behind the foundation of Helsinki Capital Partners (HCP) in 2007 was clear: a desire to be an open and honest asset manager. From the beginning, we have been committed to complete transparency in our operations. It is a self-evident fact for us that customers are told how much they pay both directly and indirectly to the company for our service.

In the year 2017, Helsinki Capital Partners’ persistent work was acknowledged with a considerable international recognition. HCP was awarded B Corporation Certification, which is one of the most demanding sustainability certifications in the world.

”The B Corp Certification offers us concrete tools to systematically assess our sustainability performance and make our performance public. The certification separates the authentic mission-based companies from the green and whitewashing masses,” summarizes Tommi Kemppainen, the CEO of Helsinki Capital Partners.

Tommi Kemppainen at the B Corp Summer Summit in Cascais in May 2017.

B Corporation network has provided us with plenty of chances to get to know like-minded companies and individuals. Inspired by the B Corp Summit in Cascais, HCP organized Best for the World Summit in Finland to bring together people and companies, who want to use business as a force for good.

Making a Difference in the Financial Industry

The financial sector is known for issues such as encouraging short-term thinking, irresponsible processes, and hierarchical management structures. In addition, products and services are often very complex and carry hidden costs. For this reason, it is often challenging for the customer to understand their own investment needs and the features of the available investment products, especially their pricing.

HCP is a forerunner in bringing responsibility to the financial sector. Our ambition is to take part in building a more trustworthy, transparent, and ethically sound financial industry. All our operations are guided by our value proposition: Asset management to be proud of.™ We always focus on the best interest of our customers, which is also why we have eliminated all incentives, such as staff bonuses and hidden fees, from our operations. We want to take part in building a healthier and better financial sector and a better society in general. This is not an easy task in an industry that has been caught for countless misconducts, but we are taking on the challenge.

More Culture for the Society

As a company, we are a part of society in many ways. We do not limit our role in society to only providing financial services and paying taxes. In other words, we take the freedom to make our interaction with other members of society into something that creates as much value as possible. In order to keep our minds fresh, we strive to be an active member of society, working alongside as many other entrepreneurs and professionals as possible, on projects that are in line with our values.

Last year, we mainly took part in music events, supported artists, and promoted athletes. What characterizes all these projects is the collaborative aspect: making something great together. We do not simply donate money, but we participate in all projects from the beginning to the end by offering our resources, network, and expertise. The indirect and direct spending causes money to circulate in society in many more ways than is the case with sponsoring or donating. In 2017, we used approximately 61,000 euros on cultural collaboration, and 16,000 euros on microfinancing entrepreneurs.

The #HCPSPIRIT label serves as a tool for sharing, branding, and communicating cultural projects that we are involved in. The hashtag was created as a label to represent all the work that we do that is not directly linked to asset management. The #HCPSPIRIT label is used on different social media channels and printed media during events, and it’s becoming increasingly recognized. We encourage our stakeholders to share both good and bad experiences publicly using this hashtag on social media. This way we receive real-time feedback from our stakeholders.

”HCP has not yet innovated an investment vehicle that invests into culture and music but HCP has been using about 10% of its revenue in Cultural Productions such as music events. This way investors can benefit not only from the investments into HCP’s products but also make a positive impact by supporting cultural productions in Helsinki and abroad,” says Elias Koski from HCP Artists.

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#HCPSPIRIT at Superwood Festival
Investor Return as a Numeric Indicator for Customers

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