3.2.2022 Christoffer Sundberg

Access to a closed market – Hello World!

This year is exciting for us! After long hours of heavy research and development we are finally ready to launch our newest fund called HCP Bricks. HCP Bricks is a real estate developement fund and it is a joint effort between HCP and Cobbleyard. We believe that Cobbleyard’s experience with property asset management and HCP’s experience with mutual fund investment management is the perfect fit.

An alternative investment fund (AIF) structure is a brilliant way to pool smaller investments together to gain access to the market which is not accessibly alone. HCP Bricks will invest in large commercial properties in city centers. These properties are technically complex and require special knowledge of the tenants. Luckily we have a successful long proven track record that we can manage these properties combined with the HCP’s family of funds proven track record of the award winning funds.

We are happy to open this market for you! Welcome aboard to HCP Bricks.


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