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Again this year, a representative or even two independent of the company will be chosen to the unitholders’ meeting that will be held by the end of April. The task is very interesting and educational. If you are a HCP fund unitholder and want to run as a candidate, please send an email to Remember to use the text Unitholders’ representative on your subject line.
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Experiences of Former Trainees

”When applying for HCP, I wanted to believe  that companies who report about their corporate responsibility do it for the right reasons.

Before starting, I had written my bachelor’s thesis about sustainability reporting but had no previous experience of working in the financial services industry. Drafting the 2018 Sustainability Report was, at first sight, a challenging task with a lot of responsibility, which I, however, felt privileged to take on.

Throughout my internship, I got to work in close collaboration with a great team of colleagues. I quickly learned many new ideas on how to conduct business responsibly, for example how to take value creation for different stakeholder groups into account. I also enjoyed the flexibility of being able to work on the report regardless of time and space and value that I got to implement new ideas to the report, for example including a materiality analysis of the UN SDGs.

In retrospect, I can now say that I do believe HCP has set me the very example of a company that reports about their corporate responsibility for the right reasons. Most importantly, HCP is on a continuous journey of improvement and always engage in new projects and look deeper into unexplored topics related to their operations. I think this exemplifies their true desire to continue to do better and this is captured through the yearly HCP Sustainability Reports.”

– Sustainability Reporting Trainee of 2019: Mikaela Gerkman

Mikaela Gerkman at HCP Summer Reception 2019
Eskil Vasänge

“Working at HCP opened my eyes to the possibility of creating economic value while making the world a better place. The HCP crew is a cheerful group of people with whom you can have a lot of fun with and while the working environment is relaxed, we all have individual and common goals which we work for work to attain. Here I was given the freedom to learn by doing. This is an important take-away which I can apply both in my future career and in my private life.”

– Sales Trainee of 2018: Eskil Vasänge

”I first got introduced to HCP through their cultural events produced under the label #HCPSPIRIT. After volunteering in the projects, I was hired to document some collaborations with artists and musicians and to produce online content out of them.
Halfway through my traineeship, HCP was recognized with B Corp certification for its efforts to consider its impact on all stakeholders, not just owners, the workforce, and clients, but also, the community, society, and business environment around it. I got curious about HCP’s core business, asset management. 

I enjoyed the freedom and responsibility I was offered from day one at HCP. During the six months, my task at the company was refined into one goal: developing HCP’s digital footprint. It was left up to me to decide which channels and tools I chose to use in my work. After my traineeship, I stayed working to improve the communications and client experience of HCP.”

– Online Communications Trainee 2017: Miika Koskela

Miika Asylum square
Watch a video interview of the Icelandic DJ Exos – a project done by Miika Koskela during his internship at HCP

Summer trainee of 2016: Nguyen Minh Quang

Summer trainee of 2016: Teiko Wilenius

”Writing a Sustainability Report serves two very important purposes. The most obvious purpose, is to show any external stakeholder in what way HCP takes sustainability into consideration. If this is the only focus, it can happen that a ”Sustainability report is only something that is done for PR purposes. Therefore, I would say the internal reviewing process is the most important part of a making a sustainability report. If an organization has a genuine wish to become more sustainable, writing an annual report will ensure that there is a continuous reviewing and improvement of sustainability practices. At HCP, this wish really is sincere. This does not mean HCP performs perfectly on all areas of sustainability; which ideas that can be implemented also becomes a question of practicality and balancing between different aspects that unfortunately can be mutually exclusive.”
– Summer trainee of 2016: Felicia Aminoff (picture above) 
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”The main task given to me was to find a platform of sustainability and audit the performance of HCP in this field of business. I was excited and honored by the amount of responsibility I was given with the task. I studied several standards regarding sustainability and through few weeks of collecting data and comparing approaches, I selected Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as the most suitable platform and GRI 4 the best standard to perform this task in the given time. The project was burdensome per se, but I was intrigued by the challenge.

During the summer I felt productive and useful for HCP business. I was given a lot of responsibility as well as tranquil working environment. It was the best summer job that I have ever had and I honestly could recommend working for HCP for anyone interested in the field.”
– Summer trainee of 2015: Oskari Jakonen (picture above)
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”When I got chosen for the internship in the spring of 2014 I had worked in retail banking before, but had basically no experience of the daily routines of an asset management company. My employment started just as HCP was launching a new fund dubbed HCP Quant so I got integrated in the company very quickly. As soon as I started working I got lot of responsibility and felt it was a bit overwhelming because I was doing things that I had never done before like tax legislation and fund operations tasks. I had a lot of say in all of the things we were working on and felt that my colleagues actually listened and cared about what I had to say. Some of the things that I did actually ended up on our company website and I thought it was very cool that people visiting our website would see something I did or wrote. Another great thing is that I get to work on projects that are important to me.”
– Summer trainee of 2014: Juhani Halminen

”If I had to summarize the key takeaways of the internship at HCP in three main points, the first point would be that it verified that I had chosen to study the right subject in university, finance. Secondly, it gave me a significant boost and inspiration for my studies at Bocconi University where I am currently studying in the MSc in Finance program. Lastly, the knowledge and experience acquired during the internship played a key factor in applying for internships for the upcoming summer and I managed to get a summer analyst position at one of the investment banks in London, partly thanks to my experience at HCP.”
– Summer trainee of 2013: Matias Karioja