Art exhibition Half Plants

Art exhibition Half Plants – Half Humans by Free Art School graduates in Kummelholmen Konsthall, Stockholm

Helsinki Capital Partners sponsored the group exhibition Half Plants – Half Humans by the ten graduates (2020) of Free Art School, at the Kummelholmen Art Gallery in Stockholm. The group’s exhibition in Stockholm was originally meant to be part of the Free Art School 85 years’ celebrations in June 2020. Multiple times postponed by the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition was finally actualized in November 2021 with the help of our supporters such as HCP.

About the exhibition

The show was curated by artist Kim Somervuori and presented works by Inkeri Halme, Anna Kurki, Benjamin Kassinen, Sisko Pajari, Tommi Pasanen, Sasha Rotts, Matilda Keränen, Kati Sankala, Noora Kaunisto and Eeva-Maria Saarinen.

The ensemble of works resembles the flora with its various species, runners and growth phases. Although the majority of the works in this exhibition are paintings, the set also includes installation, sculptures and performance.

“For most of our life cycle, we are plants, not humans. This is because when our earthly remains are buried in the bosom of the earth or are sprinkled as ashes somewhere, soon the plants will take up the minerals and other materials that once belonged to us as human individuals. But don’t be afraid, since plants are beautiful.

Plants give us food, shelter, clothing and building materials. Plants create the premises of life for the most of life forms on this planet – such as fungi, insects, birds as well as other animals and humans in the form of different seed beds, meals, nesting places and as a frame of existence.

Most importantly – plants provide oxygen for this planet and create the beauty of our entire planet in the form of trees, shrubs, ground cover plants, algae, creepers, succulents, cacti, fiber plants, food plants, poisonous plants, Christmas trees and mistletoe branches.”

Learn more about the exhibition and its artists here: Half Plants – Half Humans

Photos: Virppi Venell

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