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Virtual meetings are the quickest and easiest way to discuss personal investment matters whenever it is convenient for you. The only requirements for a virtual meeting are a phone and a computer/tablet that has an Internet connection. Neither registration nor technical expertise is required. In a virtual meeting, our experts Tommi Kemppainen, Timo Vertala, Pasi Havia, Toivo Toikka, Mattias Lindfors and Panu Satama showcase our services comprehensively and interactively.

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Tommi Kemppainen

HCP Black


Panu Satama

HCP Sports


Timo Vertala

HCP Bricks & HCP Sports


Toivo Toikka

Artists & general customer service


Pasi Havia

HCP Focus & HCP Quant

IMG_3517 (002)

Mattias Lindfors

HCP Bricks



HCP Shareholder servicing

Kaapelitehdas inner court, Tallberginkatu 1 D, 5th floor
00180 Helsinki, Finland
Tel +358 9 689 88 481
Fax +358 9 689 88 475

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