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Years of experience on different investment strategies and asset classes.

As our client, you can benefit from our wealth management services from €5000 upwards. Our four unique funds allow you to tailor an investment portfolio for your individual needs. Together, they form a diversified portfolio with different investment styles, allowing you to adjust the expected return and risk according to your objectives. Our funds can also be invested in separately. We also manage a sports fund, in which our professional athlete clients can invest with tax advantages.
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Invest in active real estate development.

HCP Bricks is a real estate fund that invests in mixed-use properties in growth centres in Finland and Sweden. The total return target for the fund is 8-10% per annum. At least 75% of the realised return is paid annually to the fund's unitholders in the form of a profit distribution.

Invest in megatrends and sustainable competitive advantage

When actively investing in equities, you should aim to outperform the general equity indices. HCP Focus has achieved this objective by selecting companies for its concentrated portfolio that: (a) have an important strategic advantage over their peers, (b) benefit from one or more global trends and (c) are, to the best of our knowledge, low or at least reasonably priced.

Selecting small value companies through quantitative stock picking.

The HCP Quant fund uses quantitative methods for stock selection. The fund is globally diversified across emerging and developed markets, small and medium-sized companies. Small and medium-sized companies have outperformed large companies over the long term.

Protect against risk with genuine and active diversification.

The HCP Black fund seeks the best risk-adjusted return and offers a solution for long-term investing and wealth building. The fund aims to provide good and stable returns with a moderate level of risk.

Tailor-made for Professional Athletes

HCP Sports offers a professional and personalised solution for long-term investing and securing your income after your career.
Our first-class investment expertise at your disposal

Transparent approach

We are committed to transparency and honesty in both our costs and investment strategies. Our model is very simple and eliminates any possibility of acting against the client's interests. With us, you can be sure that you know everything you need to know about the products you are investing in.

Impact on the community

Through us, you promote philanthropy both in the bigger picture and in your local community. We are committed to striving for the highest levels of social responsibility in our operations. We also  support cultural-, music- and sporting organisations in our #HCPSPIRIT projects.


We manage four different funds that allow us to tailor an investment portfolio for your needs, taking into account your personal goals, risk tolerance and life situation. Our team has years of experience in different investment strategies and asset classes. Our funds are actively managed and aim to outperform.


What is the difference between investing in funds and investing in index funds or direct shares myself?

Investing in an active fund instead of a direct equity or index fund differs in that in an active fund, the fund management team makes continuous stock selection and investment decisions in an effort to beat the market and add value to your investments. This differs from index funds, where the objective is to passively track a specific market index, and direct equity funds, which you select and manage yourself.

What are the costs associated with the funds?

Our funds are subject to charges such as a 1.0% management fee, a 0.15% custodian fee and a 10% performance fee, only when the fund exceeds its highest value. These charges can affect the total return on your investment and vary depending on the fund. For HCP Bricks, there is a tiered 1-4% redemption fee and a 2% subscription fee.

How is the subscription made?

The subscription is made by filling in the subscription form, which is available on our website. The subscription date is always the last day of the quarter, for example 30 September or 30 December. Once you have filled in the form and transferred the required amount, your funds will be transferred to the fund on the subscription date.

What if I want to cash in my investment?

If you wish to redeem your investment in the fund, you can do so by filling in the HCP subscription form on our website one month before the next subscription date (2 months before the subscription date for HCP Bricks). Redemption means selling your units back to the fund management company or the market in exchange for the amount you have invested in the fund, minus any redemption fees. The timing of redemption can affect the outcome of your investment.

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