We welcome you as our client!

Helsinki Capital Partners’ funds are open to new subscriptions four times a year: in March, June, September, and December. The subscription day is the last Finnish banking day of these months.

In 2020, the subscription days are 31/3, 30/6, 30/9, and 31/12.

There are two ways to make a subscription:
1) If you have Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish online banking credentials, fill the form under the Make a Subscription button; or
2) fill and sign the below pdf form of your chosen fund and send it with a copy of your passport to shareholderservicing@hcp.fi.
HCP Black subscription form (pdf)
HCP Focus subscription form (pdf)
HCP Quant subscription form (pdf)

The subscription amount must be available on the selected fund’s bank account on the subscription day at the latest. Late subscriptions will be returned. The declaration of subscription is binding.

Before your subscription, carefully go through the relevant fund’s presentation and rules. The documents contain the fund’s subscription and redemption conditions, which the client accepts when making a subscription.

The minimum subscription amount is 5,000 euros.

A written report of a subscription is always sent to the unitholder. When requested in writing, we will also provide you with a certificate of participation. A certificate of participation might be needed, for example, as collateral for a loan or derivatives trading. A certificate of participation must be returned to Helsinki Capital Partners when redeeming funds. Please contact us when making a subscription for an under-age person, person under guardianship, or for a corporation.

Subscription accounts:
HCP Black 330100-­01129972 (IBAN: FI8333010001129972)
HCP Focus 330100-01137397 (IBAN: FI1033010001137397)
HCP Quant 330100-01142215 (IBAN: FI9833010001142215)