HCP Bricks

A Real Estate Fund that creates value with active management.

Invest in active management of real estate

HCP Bricks is an active real estate strategy with focus on growth areas in both Finland and Sweden. The target return of the fund is 8 to 10% per annum. At least 75% of the realised profit is payed to the fund unitholders annually.

Fund performance

The returns are net returns (returns after fees)
The returns are net returns (returns after fees)

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With the help of HCP Bricks we gather together smaller investments and gain access to a market that would else be closed. More on this unique opportunity in our presentations.


Portfolio management team

Christoffer Sundberg

Christoffer has more than 20 years of experience on real estate. Master of business administration and an engineer.

Mattias Lindfors

Mattias has over 5 years of experience on real estates. He is a Master of Science in Real Estate Economics.

Timo Vertala

Timo has over 10 years on experience of asset management and real estates. Bachelor of Economics.

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HCP Bricks in the media

We move towards active strategy and idiosyncratic risk within the asset class.
Multi Strategy fund invests into HCP Bricks, 04/2022

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