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Tailor-made for Professional Athletes

Successful performance in professional sports requires athletes to achieve their full potential in the best possible conditions with the support of the best possible partners. We are specialised in helping professional athletes to grow and protect their net worth to secure financial independence in post-professional life. We do long-term financial planning.

We are perfectly aware that professional athletes should be able to focus on performance during the season and on training during the off-season. Accordingly, HCP provides a turn-key financial solution giving You the freedom to focus on Your game.

The co-operation of the athlete and HCP Sports begins with a comprehensive survey of the athlete’s current situation, including the taxation of the country of residence. HCP Sports provides the best solution to professional athletes with tailor-made asset management services, taking into consideration the special needs of every individual athlete. Our goal is the best possible return on Your assets with a reasonable level of risk. Please feel free to contact us!


Your partner Timo Vertala

I started working in the asset management business after finishing my career as a professional athlete. My interest in asset management was sparked during my athletic career, which later enabled a smooth transition from one career to another. A university degree, practical experience in HCP, and my ongoing studies at an MBA programme all enable me to provide comprehensive services in the financial sector.

It is important and useful to start investing together with a reliable partner already during the active sports career.

Sports Asset Management Manager Timo Vertala

+358 40 583 32 29



Your partner Panu Satama

I grew up playing sports, and I played hockey professionally until my twenties. I got interested in investing already at the beginning of my studies, and after my active sports career, I started studying the asset-management industry more closely.

Especially using the professional athlete fund’s benefits is a significant opportunity. Therefore I encourage professional athletes to begin investing in funds at a young age based on one’s circumstances; this way one can get the most out of the compound interest. Out of HCP’s values, openness and responsibility are support pillars of the financial industry. I want to build relationships with clients, in which communication is clear and transparent. To me, it’s most important that the athlete’s interest is put first in asset management.

HCP Sports Partner Panu Satama

+358 40 755 62 59


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