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About Brooklyn

Helsinki Capital Partners (HCP) is top-notch investing skills, transparent pricing and respect for clients.

We are an open, honest and active partner for asset management. We want to help our clients reach their financial goals through our funds while similarly creating positive impact for our surrounding community and world. Our services are aimed for private investors, institutions, professional athletes and artists. With us you can be sure that all our operations aim for our clients’ best interests and building a more ethical financial industry.

About Brooklyn

Our funds

Active real estate strategy

Real estate fund that gives access to a market that would else be closed.

Real estate fund that creates value with active management.

Multistrategy with true decentralisation

Protection against risks without lowering the expected return level, with the help of authentic and active decentralisation to alternative and trend independent investments.

A good night’s sleeps even in uncertain economy.

Deep-value stock strategy

Quantitative value investing fund where investments are being sieved from tens of thousands of companies with an unique algorithm.

Aboard with small-cap value stock rise with quantitative stock picking.

Concentrated equity fund

Unique equity fund that invest in companies of high growth rate and lasting competitive advantage.

Companies that shape the world.

Solution for professional athletes with tax advantages

Athlete funding offers an exceptional opportunity to yearly invest part of your salary while similarly lowering your tax percentage.

For building wealth during career and securing livelihood for life after career as well.

Asset management

Our investment professionals will help you reach your financial goals. From 5 000 euros you gain access to our first class fund solutions. Outsourcing asset management saves your time so you can use it to causes that are meaningful to you.

Asset management frees up your scarce resources to focus on your core purpose. As institutional client you will be dedicated a personal partner who to contact in an financial matters with low barrier. We are a trustworthy companion with years of experience from institutional asset management.

Tailor-made solutions for long term investing and building wealth during career and beyond. We take into consideration the special nature of each professional athlete’s career. Your HCP Sport partner is in your use in any matters regarding personal wealth. Through HCP you can invest in Athlete Fund, SHL Pension Fund and freely in our funds.

An artist’s career is often balancing between artistic and commercial values. From us you receive support without compromises. We are a competent asset manager for doers in creative industries regardless of area. Thanks to our #HCPSPIRIT collaborations we have close understanding of artist’s life and needs.


Our Work

This is what we do besides asset management.

Shared value is the way we do business. We are an active supported of cultural causes in our community. The projects that we do in collaboration with artists, athletes, and the third sector are labeled with #HCPSPIRIT.

Our Work

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