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Invest in top notch fund solutions and peace of mind.

Our finance specialists are here to help you with your economic goals. Becoming wealthier is a good goal for securing your future and we want to encourage our customers for long term investing. Asset management is often considered as something elitist. In HCP, however, we understand that the asset management industry is above all a service industry. From 5 000 euros we offer our fund solutions to your use.

Our values and commitment to transparency will ensure that we offer fee-only service, returning all commissions that we receive to our clients. This way of working enables us to focus on what is meaningful to you while leaving your asset management to us.

Outsourcing asset management to specialists saves your time, so you can use it for what is meaningful to you.



Real estate fund that gives access to a market that would else be closed.

Real estate fund that creates value with active management.


Unique and concentrated equity fund that invest in companies of high growth rate and lasting competitive advantage.

Companies that shape the world.


Protection against risks without lowering the expected return level, with the help of authentic and active decentralisation to alternative and trend independent investments.

A good night’s sleeps even in uncertain economy.


Quantitative value investing fund where investments are being sieved from tens of thousands of companies with an unique algorithm.

Aboard with small-cap value stock rise with quantitative stock picking.

Active interaction with our customer, the market research we conduct as well as our global network lead to the quality results. Our global network also covers alternative investments to help reduce risks.

New innovations are a part of the constantly changing financial world. The financial industry benefits from innovations, but there are useful innovations and innovations which you should avoid. Focusing only on truly good investment targets is a key part of our service.

As our customer, you get access to our financial expertise and fund solutions. We are guided by the will to act for our clients best interests and build a more ethical financial industry.

Quality investment expertise

We manage four very different funds though which we can tailor an investment entity to your personal goals, risk appetite and life situation. Our teams holds years of experience from diverse investment strategies and asset classes. Our funds are actively managed and pursue revenue that defeats the comparison index.

See-through way of working

We follow exceptional openness and honesty in terms of our cost structure as well as our investment strategies. Our model is very simple and all possible ways of acting against customer’s best interest are eliminated from it. With us you can be sure that you know all what is neede from the products you are investing in and you won’t be paying us too much for our services.

Impact and community

You are doing charity through us, both in local community as well as the wider image. We are dedicated to aim for the highest possible ecological and social responsibility through our B Corporation certification. In addition, we actively support cultural actors and athletes trough #HCPSPIRIT projects.

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Your partner Pasi Havia

I worked with software development for over a decade before I became part of the HCP team. I started investing in my early twenties, and a dear hobby later transformed into a career. Joining both the software and investing industries were enabled because of a genuine and deep interest in the subjects. I have studied Information Processing Science and Finance at the University of Oulu.

I found my way to HCP when I realised how similar my and the company’s values are. I respect HCP’s way to operate openly and honestly; there is no need for distorting the truth. I want to be part of building an asset management company that puts the customers’ needs first. This is asset management that I can be proud of.

I hope my passion for investing is conveyed to you.

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